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CR34 WCDMA Router

Datasheet – CR34 WCDMA Router

Wireless technology continues to grow due to its cost-efficiency and ease of use. Without the need for physical and expensive cable runs, wireless be can deployed quickly and easily. With wireless, remote assets can be quickly installed, managed easily and there is no longer the need to negotiate right-of-way access.

Our industrial cellular routers are ideal for using 3G and 4G to secure remote access to Ethernet or serial networks. With industrial Wi-Fi and satellite modems, connectivity can be provided to devices where cellular networks are not available.

VIDEO: Extending industrial communications – a cost effective, cable free solution

The GhostBridge solution is a wireless Ethernet bridge that was developed to help establish point-to-point communications at fast speeds.

Previously businesses who wanted to extend their network between buildings would need lay expensive and labour intensive cables or run new cables and install fixed points at permanent locations. Our GhostBridge wireless Ethernet bridge solves this problem.

Key benefits

  • Minimise expensive and labour intensive options and installation costs
  • No configuration necessary – simply plug and aim for signal strength. Ethernet extender will start transmitting within a few minutes
  • Can be placed up to 15kms apart and will transmit data at up to 150Mbps
  • Ideal for indoors or outdoors applications – Outdoor rated,  UV stabilised enclosure
  • PoE – no additional power supply required, as power is drawn through the Ethernet cable
  • Antenna integrated into housing
  • Can be easily moved to new location as required

Transmit data up to 15 kilomtres. Speeds up to 150Mbps

Technical features of the GhostBridge

  • Ultra-high-speed – up to 150Mbps
  • Long range transmission – up to 15km line of sight
  • WPA2, 128-bit security provides data-safe operation
  • License Free – 5 GHz radio, 2×2 MIMO technology…no low-tech proprietary RF chipset
  • Ethernet connectors: RJ45, auto MDI/MDX – pass-through Ethernet connection available
  • Temperature Range: -30°C to + 80°C
  • Dimensions: 28.0 x 8.0 x 6.0 cm
  • Mounting: Integrated pole mount (optional wall mount kit sold separately)

Request the GhostBridge Ethernet bridge datasheet.

Request the GhostBridge Ethernet bridge Quick Start guide.

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Create a transparent, secure, high-speed link between remote stations and a central office
Bridge two networks or hard-to-reach nodes together
Connect remote devices (IP camera, or other) to a LAN
Replace expensive cables that are prone to damage in harsh environments
Remote data acquisition
Remote data monitoring
Remote control and commands

Advantech B+B SmartWorx

Micromax Technology partners, Advantech B+B SmartWorx supplies a range of wireless and cellular solutions including:

Cellular routers

Advantech B&B Smartworx routing technology builds maps and gives directions to networks to allow users easily building connectivity between isolated networks giving greater flexibility in building secure applications. The technologies involves are: – VPN: supports VPN to provide secure remote access for users – NAT: hide user’s web servers behind our Router with Destination NAT – Firewall: secure the infrastructure with a network-based firewall that can perform stately – Routing: creates application tiers on different isolated networks by leveraging the capabilities of Networks – Multiple-interface: Advantech routers provides numerous skus for various interface combination, includes RS232/485, DI/O, WiFi, dual-SIM, U, etc.


Wzzard wireless sensing platform

Wzzard uses the lightweight, publish/subscribe messaging transport MQTT protocol for sensor communications. MQTT is an extremely simple messaging protocol created for M2M and IoT applications over wireless networks. Because of its efficient distribution of information to single or multiple receivers, low power usage and minimised data packets, it is ideal for mobile or remote locations.

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Wireless sensor node for remote IoT applications: Advantech Wzzard

IoT wireless sensor node application – Advantech Wzzard: water level indicator


Wireless Radio Modems, Adapters, & Accessories

Connect two or more serial devices wirelessly with industrial wireless radio modems from B+B SmartWorx. Our selection includes models for indoor and outdoor applications including remote monitoring, SCADA, remote telemetry, and more. In addition to our modems, we also carry a range of accessories and replacement parts.


Wireless Remote I/O Modules

Monitor and control remote analog and digital devices with Zlinx Wireless I/O modules.  Whether you need a peer-to-peer or modbus I/O mode configuration, these fast, reliable models are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


Industrial wireless

Advantech’s B+B SmartWorx industrial wireless solutions offer wireless infrastructure for your Wireless LAN covering cost effective entry level wireless AP’s/Client’s to high end multiple function AP/Stations. These industrial wireless products are designed to ensure stable connections between wireless infrastructures for your Wireless LAN(WLAN). Our AP/Stations support different frequency configurations from fixed 2.4GHz and 5GHz to a selectable 2.4 or 5 GHz. For AP/Client series, we also provide up to 2 and 3 radio models in a single device for redundancy purposes. Both are suitable for industrial grade use under extremely rugged and harsh conditions. We offer multiple wireless products for your need in industrial rugged field environments to build up a trustworthy high-quality WLAN network.


Wireless access point, 802.11b/g Ethernet bridges

Ensure the successful connectivity of your Wi-Fi devices with wireless access point and Ethernet bridges from Advantech B+B SmartWorx.  Whether you need an access point to connect wireless LAN users to a wired network and to each other, or a wireless Ethernet bridge to connect a wired device to a wireless network, Advantech B+B SmartWorx have a range of advanced solutions for all your industrial applications.

Connect Tech


Connect Tech’s GPS/GNSS line of products include a GNSS receiver based on the very small industry standard M.2 Type-2242-S3-B form factor, and a ruggedized GPS module based on the very small industry standard Mini PCIe “Full” module format. With small form factors, these GPS/GNSS products will take up little space and power within a system.

Cellular/satelite M2M

Connect Tech’s RoadWarrior enables remote monitoring, controlling and collecting of data from multiple I/O interfaces through a wireless cellular data link or Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite.

Connect Tech’s RoadWarrior enables remote monitoring, controlling and collecting of data from multiple I/O interfaces through a wireless cellular data link or Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite.

Wireless radio modems

Connect Tech’s wireless radio modems are available in license-free frequency ranges of 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz. They are designed with wireless modules from Cirronet, featuring frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology. This technology ensures immunity to jamming and multi-path fading, so you get robust, reliable wireless communications, even in noisy environments.


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