Embedded Computing

Micromax Technology offers a complete range of embedded computing products and solutions for a wide range of applications from global and reputable brands. We are a one-stop-shop that gives you access to high quality technology from one single source. This allows our clients to save resources and efficiently find a solution that will meet their needs.

Embedded Computing Range

Global brands for various applications

Our range of embedded computing components are sourced from pioneering manufacturers. While striving to give our customers the advantage of devices that meet mechanical design standards, we supply components in a wide range of form factors to suit any industrial or commercial application. Micromax Technology offers a range of high tech product and solutions from Single Board Computers, to specialised I/O modules. In addition we have an extensive range of extreme-rugged technology to suit the most demanding applications.

Industries using Embedded Computing

Our Embedded Computing components are used in a vast array of applications in industries such as ITS, Defence, Marine, Mining, Telecommunications, Utility, Manufacturing, Security, Infrastructure, Gaming, Agriculture, and Medical. These products will seamlessly integrate into your application, optimising your performance.

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