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Ethernet Serial Servers & Gateways

With Micromax Technology’s ethernet serial servers and gateway product range, it will be easy to monitor and control legacy serial devices through your Ethernet LAN or WAN. We offer a selection of serial to ethernet device servers with a range of port counts and configurations to enable reliable connectivity options.

Long favoured for its ease of expandability for local area networks (LANs), Ethernet technology is moving into the computing market as a method of networking serial devices without the restraints of traditional serial connectivity.

Now that Ethernet is getting faster and more robust, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this independent ethernet-to-serial solution that allows remote monitoring, control and easy access to all your peripherals. Connect all your peripherals to your network.

Our product range of serial to ethernet device servers offers reliable connectivity options in a wide variety of port counts and configurations. We have Modbus Gateways that solve a whole range of connectivity problems by bridging unlike Modbus devices and networks to your Ethernet.

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Ethernet-to-serial servers

Whether you have an entry level or heavy duty industrial application, our product range includes high performance Ethernet to serial servers to meet your connectivity and conversion challenges.  Our selection of serial device servers includes mini serial servers, wireless solutions, multi-port servers, OEM server boards, and much more. Our Ethernet serial servers deliver versatility, value, and industry-leading technology platforms.

Protocol converters

Our protocol converters offer cost-effective ways to facilitate network integration. Our selection of fieldbus and Modbus protocol converters enable smooth connectivity and are suitable for power generation, oil & gas, and other industrial applications.


Industrial and home automation
Serial control via a network (either private or through the Internet).
Monitor a security gate across the parking lot
Monitor a temperature controller across the world
Monitor, control and easy access all of your peripherals
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