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Our devices are now essential to how we live and digital devices increasing in use and types of tasks performed online has transformed our daily lives. From personal users to large industries and governments – sensitive and operational data being accessed on our devices brings more threats to our personal information and valuable data.

The integrity of  devices is often lacking and a compromised devices leaves us vulnerable in the digital landscape. In larger systems one compromised device can have disproportionate effects, multiple measures must be utilised to reduce these impacts.

Micromax Technology offers unique protection providing you with the means to ensure control of your devices and keep your data intact and secure. We work closely with leading-edge software developers to provide these unique solutions.


Protect personal devices of individuals or those of businesses, governments and other organisations.
Secure workplace devices for staff in industries where sensitive or high risk information is accessed such as health, finance, legal institutions, military and government.
Reduce risk of fraudulent use of compromised devices carrying cryptocurrency trading and payment tokenization systems.
Providing a complimentary security layer to blockchain and other innovative payment protection.
Secure IoT devices and industrial devices.

REAPP Technology REAPP Technology developed this unique technology and holds several patents relating to hardware based device protection.

REAPP Technology software is designed for use on Windows/Android devices. With this advanced embedded  solution your devices are safe and secure from unwanted intrusions.

Hermes © for Android™

⦁ Lock and unlock phone
⦁ Locate phone via GPS
⦁ Retrieve contact list
⦁ Delete contact list
⦁ 24/7 protection of SMS inbox
⦁ Protect from SIM card tampering
⦁ Protect from battery tampering
⦁ Protect from PIN hacking
⦁ Protect from microphone hacking

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