Micromax Technology is a leader in innovative technology. By partnering with global brands of advanced technology, we are able to meet the demands of the defence industry.  Read our Defence Capability Statement here.

To ensure constant growth and expand our capabilities we must utilise new technology to adapt to emerging scenarios and threats. The defence industry needs to be able to respond and adapt and the technology we provide can support that.

Micromax Technology’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products include extreme rugged computers, devices and data storage solutions, medical computers, intrinsically safe computers including laptops and device protection solutions and can assist the defence sector in a range of applications.

Rugged and reliable

The critical reliance on technology is made even more paramount, as the operational environments are often harsh and unforgiving. From extreme temperatures, high vibration or humidity, our rugged computers can be trusted to handle the task when it counts and for highly hazardous environments we can deliver IS solutions.

Our range of embedded computers are built with rugged architecture. Satisfying defence bandwidth needs, our communication modules ensure vehicles stay connected and critical services can be managed at all times. When data storage is mission critical reliable and ultra-fast rugged and secure data storage solutions compliment our rugged computers solutions.

In addition, Micromax Technology draws on decades of experience to deliver custom power solutions for the most demanding applications.

Medical Computers

Micromax can provide a range of customisable medical computer solutions are available.

From smaller devices such as mobile medical tablets to all-in-one panel medical PC’s and complete mobile medical carts Micromax, through its health focused brand Micromax Health, can provide custom solutions to cater to broad Defence needs.

Through advanced battery powered and UPS these solutions provide 24/7 non-stop service offering, cordless operation and rugged devices offer true mobility and our customization ensures the solutions are up to the task at hand.

Device Protection 

REAPP Technology solutions offers device protection at the device level. Devices are capable of identifying trusted communication and defend themselves without external support becoming a self defended device.

The system operates independent of the cloud utilising the cellular network and hardware-based identifiers to create a circle of trust in communications between devices and blocking out changes to data on the device.

Passive features such as battery tampering and SIM card protection ensure the device has a fail-safe approach. Active features enable users to lock, locate and wipe devices when compromised.

Existing solutions are suitable for Android devices and integration with other devices can be developed and provided with an activation system to allow complete set-up of devices, independent of Micromax.

Benefits to the Defence industry

By partnering with Micromax Technology, defence contractors gain access to leading technology from across the globe, as well as expert guidance from our team of in-house field application engineers.

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