About EKF Elektronik GmbH

Since its foundation in 1972, EKF Elektronik GmbH has established itself as a leading manufacturer of modular industrial microcomputers. The company excels in manufacturing highly ruggedized boards and systems for various industries such as transportation and traffic, IIoT and Industry 4.0, robotics, energy, industrial automation and medical technology.

EKF’s extensive product portfolio integrates the latest embedded processors from Intel, NVIDIA and ARM into its products. The company places particular emphasis on the established and powerful CompactPCI® serial/plusIO standard for complex system designs, but also offers versatile box and board-level assemblies with the Embedded Blue®/Gold series. The latter provide the same range of functions either in application-ready box designs or as board-level products for integration in the customer’s own system. The recently added product line in the Modblox7® standard enables cost-effective and cross-vendor system and box PC designs thanks to standardized and modular plug-in units.

The portfolio is complemented by an extensive selection of peripheral cards and mezzanine modules. In addition, EKF provides a cloud-based software solution that enables seamless data collection, transmission and processing to facilitate intelligent maintenance and remote servicing of devices.

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