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Data Acquisition Cards

Data acquisition cards are used for a range of input and output interfaces into microcontroller and computers. The I/O can be either analogue or digital and use signals such as serial, Ethernet, TCP/IP, USB and video signals.


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Key features of our data acquisition card range

Connect Tech

Analog I/O (ADC/DAC)

Connect Tech’s Analog I/O peripheral boards are ideal for data acquisition, measurement and control applications. The boards support harsh environments, meeting demanding conditions with an extended temperature range.

Diamond Systems

Rugged Analog I/O Modules

Diamond Systems has been a leading supplier of embedded data acquisition I/O expansion boards since the initial release of the PC/104 standard in 1992. We are the leader in advanced data acquisition features in small form factor, embedded computing.

Our industry leading analog I/O offers the following benefits:

  • Highest performance analog in & analog out in a small form factor
  • More channels, more ranges, higher sample rate
  • Patented auto-calibration for the highest accuracy
  • Industry-leading Universal Driver 7.0 control panels & software
  • High performance DAQ integrated onto SBCs for cost, weight and size savings

PCIe MiniCard analog I/O module

Our extensive line of analog I/O modules currently includes PC/104, PCIe MiniCard and FeaturePak form-factor products, providing both A/D and D/A functions. Most of these products also include digital I/O and counter/timer features. A unique feature of Diamond analog I/O modules is our patented auto calibration technology, which can reduce analog measurement errors by up to 10 times relative to conventional designs.

Module features

  • Up to 32 16-bit analog inputs
  • Up to 4 12-bit analog outputs
  • Up to 256KHz A/D sampling rate
  • 1024 sample FIFO
  • Programmable input ranges
  • Automatic auto calibration for carefree, high accuracy measurements
  • Counter/timer for A/D pacer clock and D/A waveform generator
  • -40 to +85 degrees C operation
  • +5V-only power supply
  • Universal Driver software and technical manual included

Small Form Factor Digital I/O Modules

Diamond’s Digital I/O module family includes a wide range of rugged, wide-temperature PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCIe MiniCard, and FeaturePak modules featuring programmable bi-directional digital I/O, counter/timers, optoisolated inputs, and relay outputs.


PC104 I/O & Communications Modules

Our I/O hardware allows your system to monitor and interact with the world around it. Our TCB1000 communications board offers multiple configurations of different interfaces on a single module, allowing you to save time, money and stack size.

The FlexCom104-GPS is a PC104 IO, GPS and flexible communications module that provides a complete IO solution for applications requiring GPS, serial, and wireless or wired communication.

The IR104 PC/104 industrial relay module features 20 optoisolated digital inputs and 20 relay outputs, sufficient for many industrial control applications. Each input can accept either AC or DC voltages with a range of 3-24V and are accessed through a 40-pin header that mates with a standard ribbon cable. The 20 SPST (Form A) relays have a long lifetime (20,000,000 operations, 100,000 at full load) and quick actuation time (6ms max operate, 3ms release). The relays are supplied with a contact rating of 250VAC or 30VDC @ 5A giving the IR104 the ability to directly control switches for small motors or solenoids.

All of these modules are built for rugged systems, with isolated ports and extended temperature operation.

JK Microsystems

Multi I/O

The Multi-I/O peripheral boards give users the ability to add analog inputs and outputs, UART capability (for GPS or modem) and isolated high current outputs to the Flashlite 386Ex, LogicFlex, or µFlashTCP single board computers.

Available in several configurations, each Multi-IO peripheral board can add up to 8 channels of 12 bit A/D, 4 channels of 12 bit D/A, 8 output drivers and 2 UARTs. The Multi-I/O board connects to a Flashlite 386Ex SBC with a 8 pin to 10pin interface cable or to the LogicFlex and µFlashTCP single board controllers with a 10 pin ribbon cable. If more I/O is required, multiple boards can be added to the system using 10 pin IDC style ribbon cables. A driver library with functions callable from C or QuickBASIC and example programs are available to eliminate the hassle of programming devices on a serial bus.

8 Channel Relay I/O

The Relay I/O peripheral board has 8 relays and 8 optically isolated inputs available for addition to several JK microsystems embedded controllers.

Basic A/D & Enhanced A/D

The on-board relays have 10 ampere, normally open contacts with a recommended maximum continuous rating of 5 amperes. The opto-isolated inputs accept 3-24VAC or DC and will withstand a momentary short to 120VAC. Both the relay contacts and the opto-isolated inputs are terminated with industrial-grade screw connectors.

The Basic A/D and Enhanced A/D peripheral boards are available to add 8 channels of analog to digital conversion (12-bit resolution) to several of JK microsystems embedded single board computers.

Based on the Maxim MAX197 chip, the expansion boards feature software-selectable input ranges of +/-10V, +/-5, 0V to 10V, and 0V to 5V. Conversion time is 6us. The basic A/D Converter board has +/-16.5V input protection and unbalanced inputs.

An enhanced version of the A/D peripheral board is also available. The enhanced version can be upgraded on a per channel basis to provided balanced inputs with +/-200V common-mode rejection and +/-500V common-mode and differential protection. Screw terminal input connections allow for +/-15V available for external signal conditioning.

The Burr-Brown INA117P high common-mode voltage difference amplifier (part number 20-0009) is used on each channel of the enhanced A/D converter board to provide the increased common-mode and differential protection. Channels on the enhanced A/D converter board that have not been upgraded are still available for use as unbalanced inputs with +/-16.5V input protection.


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