Founded in 1972 as an engineering office today Siebert Group is a leading and global provider for digital information systems. The products are sold worldwide to demanding and market leading customers.

Research and development

All products are the result of our own research and development. Our engineers continuously create new innovations and with most modern facilities the products are manufactured in the factory in Eppelborn-Wiesbach.


Market research and constant investments in research and development consequently leads to new products. With innovative solutions many products have set standards in specific market segments. Our customers can choose from a broad range of products which, in its consistency, is trend-setting.

Supporting industries

Siebert provides technological solutions to benefit industries such as:

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Our Brands

We represent reputable, reliable and high quality global brands.

Our People

We have a team of specialised engineers with decades of experience in providing technological recommendations for problem resolution.

Our Support

We have an Australian-based Warranty and Support Centre serviced by our field application engineers.

Providing innovative technologies and solutions to help our clients succeed