The agriculture industry has a long history in society. Australia is a major agricultural producer and exporter, with over 325,000 employed in this industry, generating 12% of Australia’s GDP. And with advances in technology, those working in the agricultural sector can make decisions based on real-time data.

To support growth and innovation in the agriculture industry, Micromax Technology provides a range of power supplies and advanced embedded computers.

By utilising single board computers, an analytical system can be established to monitor and record vital data. This could include managing stock movements in paddocks, calculating how much feed is left, and monitoring water flow rates and other utilities. All of this data can be received and managed in real-time and across multiple devices. Our range of IoT solutions and remote I/O modules make data collection and interaction possible despite long distances.

Benefits to the agriculture industry

The importance of the agriculture industry, particularly in Australia, cannot be overstated. At Micromax Technology, we are dedicated to giving our full support to this industry through our extensive range of high quality technological solutions. Our R&D team works closely with clients to ensure their unique needs are satisfied in the agriculture industry.

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