TCS For Surveys

Transport & Traffic Data Surveys

TCS For Surveys is a Micromax Brand.

TCS BI provides on premises people counting and  TCS Products supplies traffic surveys related goods.​

TCS For Surveys (TCS) is a well-established and recognised brand in Australia. TCS For Surveys has been in operation for over 40 years and specialises in rail surveys, vehicle surveys and traffic counting. TCS is recognised as experts in pedestrian and vehicle counting and related traffic surveys and studies.

Safety is our priority.

We deliver traffic surveys on time and using proven technologies & methods.

Traffic Surveys

We understand the importance and criticality of having accurate and reliable traffic survey data and TCS has built its long standing reputation within the Australian traffic and transport market by delivering quality traffic survey data on time to all its clients.

Transport data

We utilise the latest cloud based technology for our work management, project management, WHS and compliance systems ensuring your traffic and transport survey is completed with safety as a priority.

Pedestrian data

In order to collect survey data reliably and consistently TCS relies on proven methods, processes and current technologies. Our team that are constantly exploring the latest tools and technologies for traffic surveys and pedestrian survey deployment.

Our services

TCS offers 40 years of continuous experience in effective traffic surveys in Australia. You can count on TCS for providing quality traffic, rail, vehicle and pedestrian surveys anytime anywhere in Australia. Our customers include various state traffic and transport planning agencies, local councils and consultancy organisations.

  • Traffic ATC
  • Intersection Surveys
  • Pedestrian Surveys
  • Queue Length Surveys
  • Travel Time Surveys
  • Overheight Surveys
  • Origin-Desintation Surveys
  • Video Recording Survey Kits
  • Noise Surveys
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Parking Surveys
  • Equipment Hire


Data & reports customized for you

All projects, developments and transport frameworks need great traffic and transport data to ensure their success and to fulfil the needs of the community.

Safety and accuracy are simply essential in our service, we pride ourselves on presenting more sophisticated reports that can be organized as our valued customers require.

Data reports and video survey footage can be delivered online or by physical hardrive as required.


Let your data tell the story

We can assist with traffic surveys large and small. We provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions and support your projects. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.


Certified & Experienced

Micromax holds all the appropriate certificates and insurances and we maintain appropriate policies to undertake the work we do which can be found here. When a quote is issued we provide an overview of team experience, the type of work we do and recent projects we have contributed to.


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