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Micromax Technology specialise in supplying technological products and custom solutions specifically in the area of embedded computing, industrial communications and power supplies.

We are committed to and embrace innovation. Not only in embedded computers and the products we supply but in the recommendations we make to help our clients deal with today’s technological challenges.

MIcromax technology provides consultation for the selection and implementation of a custom solution tailored to your business or project needs. Additionally, our Australian-based engineering and technical integration experts can also provide maintenance, repair and calibration of the products so that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Are you facing a technological application or integration challenge? We can help.

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How Centrifugal filters help your business go Green & Save money

What is the Spin-Clean, Lube Oil Centrifugal filter? Spin-Clean is a true centrifuge that,  will remove the wear abrasives from the oil down to less than one micron from Fluid Power Energy  (FPE). This will reduce engine wear a minimum […]

Advanced Micro Peripherals Releases Intel® Atom™ Low Power PCI/104-Express SBC

Advanced Micro Peripherals, a Micromax partner has released a new innovative product perfect for rugged embedded systems and for use in IoT applications. The MicroATOM is a highly integrated single-board computer on the PCI/104-Express stackable form factor. MicroATOM is powered […]

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