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New Product: Video Conversion for SWaP Constrained Systems HDMI to HD-SDI miniPCIe Converter

May 15, 2019

Advanced Micro Peripherals, a Micromax Technology partner, has just launched the HDMI2SDI-mini.

The HDMI2SDI-mini is a HDMI to HD-SDI converter on a miniPCI-express form factor card. The HDMI2SDI automatically converts High definition HDMI to HD-SDI and is an intelligent module that requires no user configuration.

The compact form factor means the HDMI2SDI is ideal for video conversion in SWaP constrained systems.

The HDMISDI-mini takes in the HDMI signaling over a single flat flex connector. The HDMI is converted and output as HD SDI on a 75 Ohm MCX connector. A secondary HD-SDI output is available as an option to allow 2 HD-SDI outputs to be driven.

This SWaP-optimised solution is ideal for rapid deployment in demanding applications in Defence, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Mining and Utilities industries. The HDMI2SDI/mini is powered via the miniPCI-express connector, consuming less than 3.3W.

HDMI2SDI/mini Features:

  • HDMI input up to 1080p30
  • Primary HD-SDI output – 75 Ohm MCX connector
  • Secondary HD-SDI output – 75 Ohm MCX (option)
  • Low power operation (3.3V @ <1A)
  • Single +3.3V operation

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