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REAPP Technology © developed unique technology and holds several patents relating to hardware based device security.

REAPP Technology © solutions have to date been developed entirely within Australia. This technology offers a unique method of protecting and function as both cyber security measures and analysis tools.

What is REAPP?

R ecognition
E ndorsement
A uthorisation
P ermission
P rotection

REAPP TECHNOLOGY © has developed unique, patented technology, for multiple platform applications, providing superior security and analytical status.

Micromax Pty Ltd. is the technology and commercialization partner and distributor for all REAPP Technology © Solutions, working together to bring security to the devices we now use in so many aspects of modern life.

Solutions available now

Hermes for Android ©

Hermes for Android © was developed by REAPP Technology © and is exclusively distributed by Micromax Pty Ltd. Hermes for Android © is a software application solution for devices using the Android operating system.

Hermes for Android © can meet the needs of small batches of crucial devices or large scale for end users in global consumer markets or for large groups such as state health providers, Defence or government organizations. We can provide an appropriate solution based on the clients needs.

No reliance on the Cloud

Hermes for Android does not rely on the cloud, it communicates through the cellular network without the associated risks of operating applications on the cloud.

Hermes protects the devices through passive protection features and it can also receive user initiated commands to take action to further support the security of the device.

This solution is also activated and operated entirely separate to ‘the cloud’ or connected networks. Hermes for Android © operates only on the cellular network.

Hermes for Android © utilises unique hard-ware based identifiers to verify devices.


What our solutions network is saying about Hermes

“It is the only hardware based system we know of on the market that can defend crypto wallets”

 “High profile institutions can now ensure corporate executives and senior managers can have secure business dealings and conversations without fear of devices being comprised.”

 “The implementation of this system into any organization will provide unmatched protection of the devices, subsequently upholding the integrity of records held.”

“This solution gives banks the power to transition into the emerging digital economy.”

“The ability to lock your phone without the cloud is the digital equivalent of cancelling your cards but for everything on your phone.”

What could this do in my industry?


Protect devices and patients data integrity with an independent and secure system.

Financial Institutions

Improve security & reduce risk while offering a way to ‘cancel’ devices as easily as we cancel bank cards.

Legal & Regulatory

Provide strong foundational security features that offer peace of mind.

Defence & Government

Enable operational security in day to day operations and reduce stakeholders data breaches.

Solution Development

Hermes for Android © can be implemented across multiple industries with varying requirements.

REAPP Technology solutions are ready to be developed for niche applications in a range of industries going beyond the Hermes for Android © solution.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and find out how REAPP Technology © could benefit your organization.

Defence & Government

Secure devices and data transfer, empower analytical potential and find confidence in new capabilities.


Some of the industries suitable for solution development

  • IoT devices
  • Robotics
  • Utilities & Industrial Operations
  • Health
  • Corporate Solutions
  • MedTech
  • RegTech
  • FinTech
  • Asset Management

Supporting industries

REAPP Technology Solutions provides technological solutions to benefit industries such as:

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