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Founded in 1991, ADEL system develops and manufacture industrial linear and switch-mode power supply units and is recognised as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial power supplies, DC UPS and intelligent battery chargers. In this period it grew steadily, quickly acquiring a strong reputation for its high standards of quality and reliable products. Today the ADEL system netsales involves many companies in the worldwide.

With our experience and more than 250 models produced for different applications, we offer a range of power supply units designed to meet the requirements of all applications in the field of industrial automation.

Our research & development, engineering and marketing teams ensure that we stay number one by making sure that our products consistently meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of our customers.


The effort we have put over the last few years into applying switch-mode technology to a number of different final solutions, such as AC/DC and DC/DC power supply units, UPS Systems and Battery Chargers enable us to meet the final requirements of our customers more and more. The experience gained by our product engineering team as well as continuous research into new technologies guarantee the high quality and competitiveness of our products.


As we are aware that even a short interruption in current may cause technical and logistical damage to all types of systems, we at Adel system have 100% control over our manufacturing. We submit every product to final running in testing at maximum working voltage and current for 12-24 hours, as well as isolation controls in line with legislation in force. This philosophy is aimed at a continuous improvement of the manufacturing process to guarantee customers maximum reliability. We pay special attention to the components we use; all the PSM and PST ranges of power supply units use long-life electrolytic condensers for working temperatures of up to 105°C. We have set up in the Adel system factory a specific laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility and safety testing. This service has enabled us to pre-qualify for the CE mark.

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Adel System provides technological solutions to benefit industries such as:

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