Industrial Communications

Remote I/O

At Micromax Technology, we offer compact and reliable remote I/O modules which are capable of connecting to digital and analogue I/O devices. The data can be delivered over serial, Ethernet, USB or wireless connections.

Our compact, low cost remote I/O modules can be used in a variety of applications including temperature measurement, industrial automation and lab automation. The use of remote I/O modules can be useful for ensuring equipment, sensors and other areas of your business are monitored whilst reducing operational costs.

The USB digital I/O modules are simple to use with the ease of plug and play. Our rugged modules are equipped to add control and measurement capability to any USB compatible computer. They are compatible with any computer equipped with USB ports and can be used without the need for external power. 

At Micromax Technology, we can provide all your connection requirements with our serial I/O modules, digital relay I/O modules, relay modules and remote I/O modules.  Our Remote I/O modules include:

  • Ethernet I/O – reliable high-speed connection, every time
  • Serial I/O – digital relay I/O modules, relay modules, remote I/O modules and more
  • USB Digital I/O – adds control and measurement capability to any USB capable computer
  • Wireless Remote I/O – cable-free system monitoring


Business and home automation and control
Data collection

Advantech B+B SmartWorx

Ethernet I/O

Remote I/O from B+B SmartWorx

Advantech B+B SmartWorx’s ADAM Ethernet I/O modulesprovide a wide range of remote I/O solutions for temperature measurement, industrial and lab automation, and many other applications.  Whatever your needs, our cost-effective, compact, and easy-to-use ADAM series modules deliver reliable, high speed connections every time.

Serial I/O

Advantech B+B SmartWorx has serial I/O modules for all your connection requirements. Shop for digital relay I/O modules, relay modules, remote I/O modules and more.  As always, you can count on B+B for quick delivery and exceptional technical support.

USB digital I/O

Our rugged and reliable Advantech B+B SmartWorx USB digital I/O module adds control and measurement capability to any USB capable computer. There is no need for external power and it offers plug and play ease.  A cost-effective choice for many industrial applications.


Our Artila remote I/O product range includes:

  • BM Bluemix ready remote I/O
  • IBM Bluemix ready thermocouple input remote I/O module
  • IBM Bluemix ready analog input remote I/O module
  • Modbus / TCP remote digital I/O module with 16x opto-isolated digital inputs and 8x relay outputs
  • Thermocouple input remote I/O module
  • Analog input remote I/O module


Rail and public transport
Audio and Video
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
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