The manufacturing industry has provided immeasurable benefits to our standards of living. By use of advanced technology, manufacturing plants make possible modern communications, innovative medical procedures, satisfying recreational products, efficient transport, affordable agricultural products, space exploration as well as many of the everyday conveniences of life.

Much of the essential equipment used in manufacturing is still using serial connections. To enable communication with modern networks that have moved away from serial connections, Micromax Technology offer a range of serial connectivity solutions.

Our embedded computing and IoT solutions provide a network of analytical tools that can be used to continuously identify in near-real-time where errors or standstills are occurring across the production line. These tools can also be used to closely monitor the health of connected devices and machinery, giving technician’s greater insight into preventative maintenance needs. With these resources available, businesses and corporations can ensure maximum production efficiency, potentially saving large amounts of time and money.

Benefits to the manufacturing industry

At Micromax Technology, we are passionate about provide high quality products with extended life cycle. Our product range is fully certified against standards such as quality, environment, and health and safety. Our R&D team of engineers draws on decades of advanced technological experience to provide custom solutions to the manufacturing industry. Meeting the most challenging applications, we constantly endeavour to help out customer succeed.

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