September 1, 2021

What is the Spin-Clean, Lube Oil Centrifugal filter?

Spin-Clean is a true centrifuge that,  will remove the wear abrasives from the oil down to less than one micron from Fluid Power Energy  (FPE). This will reduce engine wear a minimum of 40 – 50% assuming a properly sized selection is made. The properly sized centrifuge recommended for your engine will not use more than 10% of the engine oil pump output.
(10% is the acceptable measure by engine manufactures for by-pass (side stream) oil cleaning.)

The 10% taken to supply the Centrifuge does not negatively impact the oil demanded by the engine. The lube oil cleaning Centrifuge removes the solids from the engine oil using centrifugal force, a force of 1000 “G’s”, or 1000 times the force of gravity. These solids are stored inside of the rotating turbine bowl, which will hold more than 10 times the solids of your engines full-flow filters. The act of exposing the oil to 1000 “G’s” is what results in micron removal less than one. Once the particles have been removed the clean
oil is then returned to the oil pan.


How running Spin-Clean helps the environment ?

Engine Manufacturers typically install full-flow filters that only remove particles from oil down to 20 – 25 micron. With the addition of Spin-Clean, particles below 1 micron are removed, thus significantly increasing engine life. Time between oil change intervals is also increased saving the user time & money. Equally as important, the addition of Spin-Clean to an engine/package will significantly reduce hazardous waste, which positively impacts our

This makes the use of the Spin-Clean a significant impact to the sustainability of your operations in relation to the environment.

Importance of clean oil in operations & cost

Oil is the life-blood of an engine and the cleanliness of that oil can directly impact the efficiency of the engine, life of the engine, and environment. When properly sized, Spin-Clean cycles the engine oil 4 times per hour ensuring proper solid particle extraction. With proper maintenance, Spin-Clean will increase engine life & oil change interval up to, but not limited to, 40 – 50%.

Another Spin-Clean benefit, often overlooked, is its use as a diagnostic tool.

Bearings wear and tear, coolant leaks and other common issues be identified by analyzing the waste material extracted from the oil.

Longer life cycles and identifying engines issues through this process and reducing downtime all contribute to a more efficient and cost effective outcome for the users.

Sizing the filter

Product selection is important to achieve the results the Spin-Clean is intended to. Micromax supplies Fluid Power Energy Products including Spin-Clean and their other product line; thermostatic valves. We have manufacturer training and support to assist with the correct sizing for your engine.

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