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AC-DC (Switching)

Micromax Technology offers a wide range of AC-DC (Switching) power supplies including open frame and enclosed configurations with a variety of output configurations and features, our power supplies are  designed to meet the application needs of various industries.

Switching AC to DC converters utilise a switching regulator to control the conversion of electrical power in the most efficient way possible. While there are two main types of regulated power supplies, switching AC to DC power supplies are comparatively more reliable and efficient than linear AC to DC converters.

By ensuring our designs are compliant with international standards, we provide solutions for low, medium and high power applications from trusted global brands.

Need a custom power supply?

If our AC-DC (Switching) power supplies are not the best solution for your application, then talk to us about a custom design power supply to meet your business needs.

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Adel System
Current Logic

Key features from our range of AC-DC (Switching) power supplies by brand

Adel System

The Adel System offers a truly complete range of industrial power supply units for a whole range of different applications. The wide range of input voltages enables them to operate in any part of the world. UL and CSA type-approved, with design based on experience gained over the years on more than 240 models, they are DIN Rail mountable, simple and safe and offer IP20 protection. The range includes FLEX, PSM and PST power supply units.


Statronics’ has a long standing and impressive portfolio of high quality AC to DC (Switching) power supplies. They have both open frame and enclosed configurations with a variety of features and are compliant with international standards.

Advantages of Statronics’ AC to DC Switching Products:

  • Achieve efficiencies of up to 91%
  • Compact size
  • 3-5 year warranty
  • Wide input range (90 to 264VAC)
  • DIN rail mounting available on most products.


Statronics are dedicated to energy efficiency and place great emphasis on it during their design process. Duty cycle control enables for voltage output to be regulated as the mosfets are switched between fully on or fully off. As a result, minimal losses between input and the load results in efficiency of up to 91%.

DIN Rail Power Supply

Statronics have an extensive range of DIN rail power supplies for industrial applications suitable for tight space in cabinets. For large power requirements we have units that can be connected in parallel to achieve high power requirements.

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