Mining has a direct impact on society, across Australia and New Zealand, and around the globe. Not only does the mining industry supply direct benefits to the community by the use of the materials mined – such as for energy utilities – but also by providing increased exports and jobs. This in turn is a major catalyst that drives the nation’s economy.

Micromax Technology strives to contribute to the mining sector with its range of high quality power supplies and embedded computer solutions.

Our range of single board computers are built with mechanical standards. This enables computers to be upgraded and replace with evolving technologies, efficiently and effortlessly.

VIDEO: Superiority of Single Board Computers design to mechanical standards

The innovative range of I/O modules and video capture cards enable real-time monitoring of mining systems, increasing mine safety and efficiency. We also supply rugged computers and rugged data storage, often a requirement of the harsh environment mining companies are exposed to.

We understand that the needs of mining applications can change quickly and in unique ways. To meet this challenge Micromax Technology are experts in the field of custom power supplies. From supplying power to ground vehicles in harsh environments, to the unique power needs of a mining network server, our custom power solutions are able to meet any challenging circumstance.

Benefits to the mining industry

At Micromax Technology, we understand the importance of reliable technology for the mining industry. Our product range is fully certified against standards such as quality, environment, and health and safety. In addition to providing advanced technological products from leading global partners, our R&D team of engineers draws on decades of advanced technological experience to provide custom solutions to the mining industry.

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