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I/0 Modules

At Micromax Technology, our wide variety of I/O Modules are capable of optimising feature density, size and cost through use of innovation and technology. We provide both analogue and digital I/O modules.

Our I/O Modules have been designed from the ground up to meet the rigours of harsh and hostile environments including the extreme cold found in airborne systems to the extreme heat of desert environments. In addition, these I/O Modules are capable of handling conditions such as the vibration inherent in diesel engines.

Products we feature include high performance multi-port serial adapters, FPGA and digital I/O products, solid state drives, CAN controller cards, wireless radio modems and Ethernet-to-serial devices – all of which can be used for the industrial and embedded PC market.

Other I/O module products we provide include PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI/104-Express, ISA bus compatible boards and external USB-to-serial devices.


Video surveillance
Computer interface via analogue or digital input

Application: High Speed Pharmaceutical Inspection

Pharmaceutical inspection, including inspection for visual defects, package labels, pattern matching or scanning barcodes on a high-speed folding machine or product line, demands high resolution captures with powerful processing to manage large image data. Global shutter sensors deployed in a fast moving product line provide clear and stable images for image. To manage the variety of inspection methods used, a flexible and programmable inspection platform is ideally suited to pharmaceutical applications. Micromax Technology provides solutions for industry applications such as this example.

Key features of our I/O modules

ADLINK Technology

GPIB Interface Card

The IEEE-488 standard, also known as GPIB, is a bus interface that connects instruments in a computer to an ATE system. ADLINK GPIB interface cards in PCI, PCIe, and USB interfaces are delivered with complete software support, including a driver API that is fully binary compatible with NI-488.2* driver software. ADLINK’s GPIB interface cards provide you with full compatibility with all your existing applications.

Bus Expansion

ADLINK Bus expansion is a technology that increases the number of slots of the same or different bus type for a host computer system. ADLINK bus expansion product provides variety of interface options, including PCI, PCI Express, PXI, and ExpressCard to increase bus slots and leverage the latest computing power of both desktop and server-grade computers for a variety of applications. The interoperability of different bus interface devices, such PCI, PXI and PCI Express, is also a great benefit for those facing complicated system integration tasks. ADLINK bus expansion products also provide complete hardware and software transparency, without the need for additional drivers or software.

Motion Control

ADLINK’s motion controllers feature high performance & high accuracy with comprehensive application functions. With the outstanding hardware and our easy-to-use utility MotionCreatorPro 2 , customers can reduce development time and costs up to 25%, while maintaining superior throughput and accuracy with at least 10% growth. ADLINK provides a fully integrated solution with vision and I/O systems, motion control, and fanless platform. With our complete line of industrial automation products and utilities, customers benefit from highly integrated solutions with optimized quality and reliability with long-term support assurance.

ADLINK Smart Camera

ADLINK’s x86 smart camera defines a new category of vision system that realizes high-performance, maximum integration, easy deployment, space efficiency and minimal total cost of ownership – all well beyond what conventional embedded vision systems and smart cameras can achieve.

The range of ADLINK smart cameras include key features such as:

  • Full product line support, including analog, GigE Vision, IEEE 1394b, Camera Link, HDMI, and 3G-SDI
  • Compatible with most popular cameras and software
  • Carefully selected embedded components ensure long term availability
  • Highly integrated with ADLINK I/O cards and embedded computing platforms

Diamond Systems

Rugged Analog I/O Modules

Diamond Systems has been a leading supplier of embedded data acquisition I/O expansion boards since the initial release of the PC/104 standard in 1992. We are the leader in advanced data acquisition features in small form factor, embedded computing.

Our industry leading analog I/O offers the following benefits:

  • Highest performance analog in & analog out in a small form factor
  • More channels, more ranges, higher sample rate
  • Patented auto-calibration for the highest accuracy
  • Industry-leading Universal Driver 7.0 control panels & software
  • High performance DAQ integrated onto SBCs for cost, weight and size savings

Our extensive line of analog I/O modules currently includes PC/104, PCIe MiniCard and FeaturePak form-factor products, providing both A/D and D/A functions. Most of these products also include digital I/O and counter/timer features. A unique feature of Diamond analog I/O modules is our patented autocalibration technology, which can reduce analog measurement errors by up to 10 times relative to conventional designs.

Small Form Factor Digital I/O Modules

Diamond’s Digital I/O module family includes a wide range of rugged, wide-temperature PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCIe MiniCard, and FeaturePak modules featuring programmable bi-directional digital I/O, counter/timers, optoisolated inputs, and relay outputs.

Small Form Factor Communications Modules

Diamond’s line of rugged, wide-temperature Communications Modules feature standard and optoisolated RS-232/422/485 serial interfaces, Ethernet, CAN bus, GPS, and digital I/O functions. We have modules available in the following form factors: PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EMX and PCIe MiniCard.


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