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Battery Chargers & UPS

Micromax Technology draws on decades of experience in power solutions to provide a wide range of battery chargers and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Our charger solutions start from 36W and are available in DIN rail mountable configurations.

Battery Chargers

Correctly charging a battery and providing protection against overcharging or undercharging can make a considerable difference in a battery’s service life. A long battery service life with short charging times is still possible by using the most efficient charging methods available today. Micromax Technology is a provider of advanced battery chargers that use the latest technology to provide the necessary charge and monitoring for your battery so that maximum battery life is achieved.

Advantages of our innovative battery chargers

UPS battery box from Micromax Technology

Datasheet – UPS Battery Box

  • Energy saving function
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Auto-diagnostics and battery check.

Reduce your costs with solar battery chargers

Micromax Technology supply solar kits that are designed to provide power when required all year round. These kits can include a battery controller/charger for your battery with 12/24V auto-select, short circuit and overload protections and many other features. Automatic temperature compensation of the charge voltage can help maximise battery performance.

Australian approved battery chargers

We are proud to be offering high quality battery chargers manufactured by market leaders Meanwell and AdelSystem. These companies strive to provide energy saving solutions for the ever changing and modern battery charging market. Their range of battery chargers meet relevant standards and are approved with international safety and EMC requirements.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Micromax Technology generally provides PCM UPS products ranging from 30W (DC UPS) to 10 kVA (AC UPS) and these can be supplied in tower or rack mount configurations. We are also a provider of UPS solutions that conform to the PC/104 standard.

Even in Australia power failures can occur frequently and can often result in damage to your equipment in the process. As an example, computers used in the business and industrial environment could have their sensitive electronic components weakened or potentially destroyed during voltage drop-outs or brown-outs. That is why it is extremely important to choose a high quality UPS solutions to provide the needed backup power and smooth out inconsistencies in your power supply. UPS systems can greatly protect the longevity of your equipment.

Advantages of our UPS products

  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Wide input voltage
  • Very short transfer time
  • Easy installation
  • Battery hot swappable.

Extend the life of your electrical equipment

You can protect your systems against unexpected power disturbances with Micromax Technology’s extensive range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) designed for use in all business environments. These systems can ensure your operations are able to continue running smoothly, even when the baseload power supply becomes intermittent. Micromax Technology provide UPS solutions that are a safe and cost-effective energy supply option.

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Datasheet – UPS Battery Box

Adel System – Brochure – Battery Chargers

Adel System – Brochure – DC UPS

Key features of our battery chargers and UPS range

Adel System


The CBIs combine the functions of power supply with those of backup module and of a battery charger. They use switching technology with microcontrollers and optimise the loading and unloading times of the accumulator without a deep discharge, the switching from the battery to the charger without any interruption, automatic protection without fuse against the reserve polarity, short circuit and overload and over-voltage. They carry out diagnostic checks on the inner battery through the life test, enabling the users to select the most appropriate charging curve to maximise the efficiency of the system and to guarantee a long-life battery while intensifying its performances. They are equipped with relays to warn against the power outage and the defective battery. They conform to the most innovative battery management as well as electrical safety standards. They can be mounted on DIN Rails


These are specific products for special uses which feature the generic functions of the CBI series in detail. In particular, the UPS2410C features all the characteristics necessary for connection to a PC, such as RS232 connection. The range of UPS industrial power supplies, with single or double output, guarantees 12 and 24Vdc uninterruptible output and is also available for 400Vac input. Low Cost versions are also available (UPS242A and UPS123A). All UPS feature time buffering control. They comply with the latest regulations, including those concerning electrical safety and are DIN rail mountable.

Adel System UPS are compliant with CEI 0-16 and ENEL DK5600

CB battery chargers

CB battery chargers are a range of power supply units with microprocessors which charge batteries optimising their performance and duration. Based on switch-mode technology, they produce an output voltage stabilised at a preset value, even when not being charged. These battery chargers with three load levels and battery diagnosis revolutionise the application of current products available for both civil and industrial installations. Electronic control of maintaining batteries charged ensures optimum recharging over time. Like other Adel System products, these are housed in strong cases and are easy to install as they come with an automatic coupling for DIN rails. Once batteries have been automatically charged in accordance with the multi-stage principle, in other words, using fast and then trickle charge, the CB battery chargers check battery life status to avoid all risk of damage, thereby enabling them to be left permanently under charge.


PC/104 battery backup packs

These PC/104 footprint battery backup power packs are designed to work perfectly with our smart charging power supplies for a complete off-the-shelf smart UPS backup power solution. While less robust than our ultra-capacitor modules, batteries have a higher capacity and can keep a system up during longer outages.

The BAT104-NiCd and BAT104-NiMh conform to the PC104 standard and have the optional PC104 stackable bus connector. The BAT-NiMh45 and BAT-SLA are taller modules in the PC104 footprint, and no bus

Paired with one of our high efficiency smart charging power supplies to provide an embedded mobile uninterruptible power supply, these backup modules are frequently used in vehicle

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