With the strict regulations and high specifications needed in the gaming industry, advanced technology is heavily relied upon. Micromax Technology is providing outstanding solutions to ensure that the needs of the gaming industry are met. Our high quality range of embedded computers are ideal solutions for gaming platforms such as casino gaming, lottery system and pachinko system.

To ensure the longevity of gaming systems, all of the single board computers from Micromax Technology are manufactured to mechanical standards. This means that boards and modules can seamlessly upgraded and replaced, with the costly need for redesign and modification to enclosures where the computers are installed.

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The gaming industry also benefits from our extensive options of advanced digital displays, available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. We also offer advanced communication modules and Ethernet solutions to strengthen the infrastructure that our modern gaming platforms rely on.

Customised solutions

While offering an extensive range of commercial off-the-shelf products, we understand that each gaming project is unique. Having this knowledge, Micromax Technology specialises in working closely with clients to find a solution that is tailored to their project needs.

Benefits to the Gaming industry

Micromax Technology partners with global innovative leaders of embedded computing. In addition, our team of in-house engineers have decades of hands on experience with embedded systems. This unique combination enables us to provide optimised solutions embedded computing, communications and power supplies for the Gaming industry.

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