May 11, 2016

Our supplier, Gemalto, is revolutionising Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity by bringing high-quality voice capabilities over LTE to industrial applications using single-mode LTE Cat.1.

The Gemalto Cinterion® Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Category 1 (Cat.1) module enables the combination of simultaneous voice and data capabilities using LTE. It is ideal for solutions migrating to LTE that want to keep the flexibility of cost-effective audio capabilities. This includes security and alarm systems, Health monitoring and smart home and building applications.

Centerion VoLTE module from Gemalto

Benefits to machine communication

The Gemalto module is the most complete Machine Type Communication standard in service on the market today. It offers the reliability, longevity and power efficiency of 4G. Delivering simplified end user control and voice capabilities, the solution benefits from greater cost efficiency and improved connection speeds compared with traditional VoIP services.

Recently, Axel Hansmann, Vice President Portfolio and Strategy for M2M at Gemalto commented “With the sunset of 2G and 3G networks on the horizon, the industry is quickly transitioning to LTE to ensure longevity of IoT technology investments. VoLTE is thus expected to become the standard of choice for enabling power efficient IoT voice capabilities.”

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