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Embedded solutions supporting AI at the edge

September 11, 2017

Modern day defense will rely on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the field; intelligence that will support the human operator. Deploying trained networks/AI to the field requires rugged GPU based solutions such as the VXG Systems developed by Connect Tech. Choose from NVIDIA® Quadro® or Tesla® GPUs paired with XEON® class processors in a compact system designed to be highly portable.

A Micromax Technology partner, Connect Tech, releases NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs on its COM Express + GPU Embedded Platform. Intel® processors are combined with NVIDIA Pascal™ and Maxwell™ architectures into a ruggedized small form factor embedded system. This is an ideal platform to enable deployable multi-Teraflop CUDA® solutions in a small ruggedized form factor.

“We’ve watched our VXG platform grow in popularity over the past 4 years, and we are anticipating significant growth within the defense sector,” states Michele Kasza, Vice President Sales at Connect Tech. “Adding Quadro and Tesla options to this platform brings professional grade, NVIDIA supported, GPU options to our customer base.”

This embedded system exposes all of the latest generation interconnect including: Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and 2.0, DisplayPort++, VGA, LVDS, SATA III, GPIO, I2C, mSATA, miniPCIe, PCIe/104 and SD Card Expansion. The system uses all locking ruggedised positive latching connectors.

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