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New AI industrial camera release – NEON-J by ADLINK

May 8, 2019

ADLINK has announced the release of its NEON-J. It is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) industrial camera to integrate the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2, image sensor, and I/O control in a compact chassis serving machine vision applications at the edge. Partnering with Micromax Technology, ADLINK is a leading provider of building blocks and intelligent platforms for edge computing.NEON-J AI Industrial Smart Camera by ADLINK

The NEON-J AI industrial camera has been designed to address problems beyond the current machine vision algorithms. NEON-J utilises cutting-edge NVIDIA GPU technology and ARM Cortex-A57 processors, enabling robust Deep Learning inference, empowering defect inspection and object classification requirements in manufacturing environments.

Additionally, a neural model optimised by NVIDIA tools like Digits or TensorRT can be deployed on the NEON-J directly, easing development of user-specific machine vision solutions.

The NEON-J by ADLINK provides an Ethernet port for GigE camera connection, 4x digital input, 4x digital output, 1x communication port, and VGA output for maximum integration.

NEON-J Key Features

  • Compact integration of nVidia Jetson TX2 and 2Mp 60fps color image sensor
  • Easy installation supporting machine vision applications
  • 256 core Pascal nVidia GPU supports Deep Learning Inference
  • ARMv8 (64-bit) multi-processor CPU complex for heterogeneous multi-processing
  • Global shutter image sensor
  • 1x Ethernet port, 1x USB and 1x RS-232
  • 4x digital input, 4x digital output, 1x trigger input.

Download this Datasheet (PDF) to learn more about the NEON-J ADLINK AI industrial smart camera including software support, ordering information and product specifications.

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