Hearing Instruments

At Micromax, we are distributors for high-end hearing instrument products.  Our products continue to be at the forefront of design and development for new microphone solutions for hearing aids.

The many developments include unidirectional, omnidirectional, matched pairs and combined uni-omni microphone designs. Behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely in-the-canal and new cochlear completely in-the-ear solutions are refined through variables such as shell size, RFI suppression, sound damping, port configuration, frequency response, shock resistance and more.

Benefits to the hearing instrument industries

Here at Micromax we are passionate about providing high quality products with an extended life cycle. Our R&D team of engineers draws on decades of advanced technological experience to provide custom solutions to the hearing instrument industries. Meeting the most challenging applications, we constantly endeavour to help our customers succeed.

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Why work with Micromax Technology?

Our Brands

We represent reputable, reliable and high quality global brands.

Our People

We have a team of specialised engineers with decades of experience in providing technological recommendations for problem resolution.

Our Support

We have an Australian-based Warranty and Support Centre serviced by our field application engineers.

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