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Micromax Technology provides a wide range of microphone products as listed below:

  • Hearing Instruments
  • Surface Mount MEMS
  • Boom
  • Magnetic
  • Waterproof
  • Piezo Ceramic
  • Subminiature Performance.

Hearing Instruments

At Micromax Technology, we are distributors for high-end Knowles’ hearing instrument products.  Our products continue to be at the forefront of design and development for new microphone solutions for hearing aids. The many developments include unidirectional, omnidirectional, matched pairs and combined uni-omni microphone designs. Behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely in-the-canal and new cochlear completely in-the-ear solutions are refined through variables such as shell size, RFI suppression, sound damping, port configuration, frequency response, shock resistance and more.


Recording headsets
Sound level measurement
Tailor made headsets


Surface Mount MEMS for hearing instruments

Built on the CMOS/MEMS technology platform (originally launched in 2002), the SiSonic™ silicon-based microphone series is entering its fourth generation of development, with product shipments exceeding 5 billion units to date. The proven and evolving design series continues to support high-performance, high-density innovation in such applications as cell phones, digital still cameras, portable music players and other portable electronic devices.

Design variables include ever-smaller sizes, lower profiles and mounting options, increased output capacities and new digital audio options that eliminate analog noise. For manufacturers, surface mount designs eliminate off-line sub-assembly production costs. Customised designs are supplied on tape-and-reel and can be run through standard automatic pick-and-place equipment during in-line surface mount manufacturing.

The microphones can also be integrated with the patented IntelliSonic™ software and special porting designs to provide a precisely customised sound.

Key features of surface mount MEMS for hearing instruments 

  • New MaxRF models eliminate GSM/TDMA burst noise and provide wide-band RF noise suppression
  • UltraMini footprint – less than 11.5mm
  • Slim UltraMini footprint – less than 8.5mm
  • Digital mics eliminate analog noise
  • Integrated designs with differential or switchable gain
  • Bottom port for thinnest ever designs
  • Multiple performance modes (sleep, low-power, standard mode) optimise voice-trigger applications by entering a low-power high-SNR sensing mode.

Applications of surface mount MEMS for hearing instruments

  • For use within mobile phones, smart phones, electronic devices, video cameras, still cameras and music players
  • For use within voice activated equipment and development of apps
  • OEM/ ODM

Boom microphones

Our boom microphones are designed for either flexible or rigid configurations and offer such performance options as noise rejection and high-frequency crossover of near and far field responses. Lengths and end terminations are customised to meet your application needs.

Marketer’s of headsets and audio systems often seek these boom design features. Collaboration with commercial, governmental and industrial designers is producing new helmet applications for aircraft, military, first responder and high-noise manufacturing environments.

Key features of boom microphones 

  • Standard and waterproof
  • Flexible and rigid styles
  • Boom housing available in plastic and metal
  • Customised lengths and end terminations.

Applications of boom microphones 

  • Voice recognition
  • Transcribing e.g. Dragon and Dictation
  • For use in noisy environments due to its noise cancelling capabilities.

Magnetic microphones

At Micromax, we offer boom microphones that utilise magnetic microphone elements.  These elements generate their own signal and unlike traditional dynamic microphones, do not require a bias voltage.  This feature can be helpful to ensure compatibility with radios.

BJ-based boom microphones have been chosen over dynamic microphones to upgrade performance and reliability for military and first responder applications.

Key features of magnetic microphones 

  • Robust reliability and high performance
  • Does not require a bias voltage.

Waterproof microphones

Our waterproof microphones are designed to survive complete immersion in water. Form factors include a miniature design that can be immersed in water to a depth of one meter and a bellows design for depths to 15 meters. The bellows design may be panel mounted and is suitable for outdoor use and repeated submersion. The miniature design offers excellent noise cancelling performance that is ideal for underwater sensors and instrumentation.

Key features of waterproof microphones 

  • Highly waterproof and submersible
  • Withstand explosive decompression
  • Excellent environmental performance
  • Corrosion resistant.

Applications of waterproof microphones

  • For use in rugged environments.

Piezo Ceramic microphones

The piezo ceramic microphone series is rugged, stable and versatile. Design variables include standard, thin, or a one-half inch cylindrical shell with a cable assembly. Both communication and broadband frequency responses are available. The series features high vibration sensitivity and may be used as accelerometers.

Key features of Piezo Ceramic microphones 

  • Ceramic vibration designs
  • High vibration sensitivity
  • High resistance to mechanical shock.

Subminiature Performance microphones

Hundreds of design possibilities can be applied to your product challenge with our high-performance microphone designs. Ideal for new product ideas that require premium audio and very small form factors, solutions include noise cancelling, omnidirectional and unidirectional performance. Other variables include size, shape, amplification, sensitivity, low noise and resistance to vibration and mechanical shock.

Key features of subminiature performance microphones 

  • Wide range of size and performance options
  • Magnetic, piezo ceramic and electret condenser
  • Low noise and RF filtering versions.


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