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Micromax Technology offers a selection of sensors including the following:

  • Accelerometers
  • Ultrasonic sensors.

Key features of our Sensors range


The BU Series piezo-ceramic accelerometer has output from 20 Hz to above 10 kHz and is used primarily as a contact microphone for high noise environments.  It may also be used as an accelerometer with lightweight structures.

As a contact microphone, the BU may be worn on the throat or touching a bony part of the head (top, temple, or mastoid bone). BU has been integrated into helmet designs for radio communication for military and emergency services.

Key features of our accelerometers 

  • Voice intelligibility in a noisy environment
  • Convenience of wearing (when integrated onto another worn article such as a helmet)
  • Unobtrusive compared to a close talking boom microphone
  • Waterproof and heat resistant.

Applications of accelerometers

  • OEM/ ODM to measure ultrasonic/ accelerometer applications
  • Contact microphone for high noise environments.

Ultrasonic sensors

Our industry-leading MEMS silicon surface mount microphone technology, in a bottom port configuration, offers flat frequency response in the standard audio bandwidth and is also capable of supporting even higher frequency bands. Sensor designs are possible across a wide spectrum of applications requiring highly miniaturised solutions for sensing and actuation/signalling.

Key features of ultrasonic sensors 

  • High frequency functionality
  • Wide range of applications
  • Micro-sized sensing and actuation.


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OEM/ODM Headset Design
Electronic Device Manufacturers
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