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AV Accessories

Micromax Technology offers a range of Audio and Video accessories including the following:

  • Dampers
  • Wax Protection.


Key features of our AV Accessories range

Dampers for Hearing Aids

Dampers are acoustic cloth screens for insertion inside acoustic tubing. These hearing aid damping elements are used between the receiver outlet and the ear canal to smooth and suppress the frequency response. Various acoustical resistances and sizes are available.


  • Smooth and shape frequency response
  • Various acoustical resistances and sizes.


  • Component built into Hearing Instruments/ Aids
  • Suppress certain frequencies in Hearing Aid microphone
  • Helping those with sensitivities to high frequencies in Hearing Aids.

Wax Protection for Hearing Aids

As the leading provider of hearing aid components, Micromax Technology offers several ways for device manufacturers and end users to effectively address wax build up. Solutions include our WaxBuster and MicroWaxBuster push-piston wax removal systems and our NoWax disposable filter-replacement system.


  • Prolongs hearing instrument performance
  • Disposable filter option.


  • Prevent wax accumulation within hearing aids
  • Prevent wax ingress in hearing aid
  • Present contamination of hearing aids with wax.


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