Video Broadcasting

With higher and higher demands for the latest technology to be incorporated into consumer and industrial video broadcasting equipment, Micromax Technology is well positioned to be able to provide the latest components and connectors to the video broadcasting industry.

We specialise in providing both off the shelf components and custom solutions to the most demanding and essential productions and environments.

Our global network of suppliers include internationally recognised video product leaders such as Knowles, Deltek, Semtech, Cambridge Electronic Industries, Estron, HimSa, Gain Sonic and Intech.

Benefits to the Video Broadcasting industry

While Micromax Technology offers an extensive range of commercial off-the-shelf products, we understand that each video broadcasting project is unique. Having this knowledge, Micromax Technology specialises in working closely with our clients to find a solution that is tailored to their project needs – using the best video broadcasting components available.

Here at Micromax Technology we are passionate about providing high quality products with an extended life cycle. Our R&D team of engineers draws on decades of advanced technological experience to provide custom solutions to the Video Broadcasting industries. Meeting the most challenging applications, we constantly endeavour to help our customers succeed.

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We represent reputable, reliable and high quality global brands.

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We have a team of specialised engineers with decades of experience in providing technological recommendations for problem resolution.

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We have an Australian-based Warranty and Support Centre serviced by our field application engineers.

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