Diesel Engine & Power Generation Controls

Advanced Proportional Engine Controls System (APECS) Controllers

Micromax Technology offers the Advanced Proportional Engine Controls System (APECS) controllers which provide isochronous or multi-speed engine governing through a wide speed range. Using electronic controllers’ means diesel emissions control, CAN communications and engine protection are all possible. They also provide proportional fuel control for construction, industrial and agricultural equipment.

APECS controller models are available for isochronous governing of generator sets or compressors in single- or two-speed control. Other models provide single- or multi-speed governing for construction and other industrial applications. APECS controllers are readily configured using the APECS software calibration tool, helping to prevent field tampering of control settings.

The complete system consists of a powerful microprocessor-based controller driving a precision proportional actuator. The actuator is connected to the engine’s throttle or fuel pump speed lever to precisely control engine speed. We offer a spring-return actuator that is 3 inches in diameter (three spring types available) and pull or push models.  



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