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Some of the solenoid protection modules we supply include coil commanders and Pull Coil Timer Modules. Solenoid protection modules can prevent pull coils from overheating.

Our dual coil solenoids are designed with two wound coils consisting of a pull and a hold coil. The pull coil operates at high currents to provide maximum push and pull force. The hold coil retains the plunger in place after it has completed its stroke. The pull coil must be turned off as soon as possible after energising in order to prevent burnout. Protection timer modules will energise the pull coil of the solenoid for approximately one second.

The Coil Commanders will time out a solenoid’s high amperage pull coil within 1.5 seconds. The in-line cylindrical tube designs are offered in 5, 6 and 7 wire SSR configurations. They are lightweight and do not require mounting brackets.

Other modules are also available with solenoid attached. Pull coil timer modules can protect externally switched solenoids by limiting the ON time of the pull coil to 0.5 seconds.


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