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Micromax Technology is a supplier of Fluid Power Energy’s Spin-Clean Lube Oil Cleaning Centrifuge which can reduce engine wear and extend oil drain intervals. When sized properly, the centrifuge can remove wear abrasives from the oil down to less than one micron. This will reduce engine wear up to a minimum of 40 – 50% and will not use more than 10% of the engine oil pump output. The 10% used to supply the centrifuge does not negatively impact the oil demanded by the machine and is the acceptable measure by engine manufacturers for by-pass (side-steam) oil cleaning.   

By removing particles that are below one micron, rather than the usual filter rate of 20 – 25 microns, engine life is significantly increased. This will also mean that the time interval between oil changes is longer, thereby providing benefits such as time savings, cost reductions and minimising hazardous waste in the environment.    

The lube oil cleaning centrifuge uses a force of 1000 “G’s”, or 1000 times the force of gravity, to remove the solids from the engine oil. The solids are then stored inside the rotating turbine bowl which will hold more than 10 times the solids of your engine full-flow filters. By exposing the oil to 1000 “G’s”, the micron removal can then be less than one. Once the particles have been removed then the clean oil is returned to the pan.  

The cleanliness of oil has a significant direct impact on the efficiency of the engine, the life of the engine and the environment. When properly sized, the Spin-Clean can cycle the engine oil four times per hour ensuring proper solid particle extraction. The Spin-Clean can also be used as a diagnostic tool to detect several engine problems such as Coolant leaks by having the user examine the waste material extracted from the oil.


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