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Thermostatic Valves

Our rugged, heavy-duty thermostatic control valves utilise the principle of expanding wax – undergoing large expansion rates within a relatively narrow temperature range when in a semi-liquid state.

The self-contained power element activates a stainless steel sliding sleeve which provides positive three-way valve action. The valves are factory set at predetermined temperatures so no further adjustments are necessary. There is a wide temperature range from 7°C – 127°C that the valve can be pre-set at. 

At Micromax Technology, we can customise the temperature control valves to your application, use lead free and specific requirements with material, piping, sensors and oil filtration as well as mixing or diverting valves.

These compact, self-contained thermostatic valves are tamper-proof and operate in any position. Parts are also replaceable and Micromax Technology offers a full line of parts and kits for your valve and components.

Depending on what industry you are in, you may refer to thermostatic control valves as temperature control valves, thermal control valves, temperature regulating valves, temperature regulator valves, thermo control valves, thermal regulator valves, thermostatic diverting valves, regulator control valves, Amot valves, thermal regulating valves or thermostatic valves.


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